Summary:  Chartering a Ship. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Book well in advance. A year if possible... this will give your organization many more options (i.e. cruise lines, ships, itineraries etc...).
2. Find an Itinerary that works for your organization (i.e. Eastern, Western or Southern Caribbean, etc...). Keep in mind, if the ship has to relocate to accommodate your group for a particular itinerary, your organization is responsible to pay for the time the ship is in transit. Have an idea of how many days your organization would like to cruise and where you would like to depart from.
3. Have a ship in mind to accommodate your organization. If you have 1,000 employees, find a ship that will accommodate up to 1200 passengers, not a ship that will accommodate 2,000 passengers.
4. Important! Please be patient! Quoting Charter Rates takes a lot of work from the cruise lines and the Agency - they will not give a ball park figure! Some cruise lines will not even proceed with detailed rate information until they receive a letter of credit from your organization.
5. Very Important!! As previously stated... be prepared to submit a letter of credit to the cruise lines. Depending on the scheduling of your organization's cruise, at minimum, a letter of credit for a deposit will be required.
6. If your organization decides a last minute trip... it's okay! Even though we can not guarantee the space you will be requiring is available; we will research and do our best in finding the highest quality cruise to meet your organization's needs